Digitizer Installation Guides and Latest Software

Below you can find all the latest information regarding the Graff Digitizer. The latest supported soundcards that have been tested with the Digitizer are the Behringer UMC202HD/UMC204HD and the ESI Juli@/Juli@xte. 

Latest Software

Click Here for the latest Digitizer Software

The latest version adds support for the Behringer UMC202HD/204HD soundcards. Tested up to Windows 10.

USB to Serial Driver

If your Digitizer was supplied with a USB to Serial adapter by Startech, the latest drivers can be found on their website here 

Soundcard Installation and Setup Guides

Below are guides for setting up each soundcard with your system. Please note the EMU and M-audio range of soundcards are only supported up to Windows 7.

If you are experiencing trouble with the software not recognizing the soundcard, it may be because you are using a non English version of Windows or soundcard driver. Here is a troublesooting guide which can help modify the DTBuild file to work in your language.

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